Why I love teaching other photographers:

When I quit my job to start my photography business, I had no idea how to do it but I knew I had to try. I searched high & low for information on how to run a successful photography business, but the best information I found, was from other mentor photographers. I have found that creating community and having mentors in this business is one of the best investments of my time and money. I booked out an entire wedding season of 25 weddings 6 months after quitting my job and did 75K in sales my first year as a wedding photographer. I say this because I worked hard to figure out how to turn something I loved into a profitable business in very little time, and I find great joy in teaching other photographers to do the same. It's important to know that when you invest in a mentor session with me, nothing is off limits. I believe in community over competition and I will always be a resource throughout your photography journey. I feel strongly that there are more than enough clients out there for each of us, and we can all champion each other to build our dream photography businesses.

This mentor session is perfect for the photographer who has a steady business but wants to level up in some areas, as well as the woman who loves photography but doesn't know how to get started with creating a business!

In a market that is filled with competition & comparison mindsets, I'm here to change the narrative & champion women to their full potential.