Hey y'all.

who's addicted to the moments that make you melt like honey?

I AM. I grew up in the northern foothills of California, but I've been in Colorado for 11 years! Please invite me to your next game night, especially if there's going to be tacos and margaritas.
As a photographer I'm easy-going, quirky, light-hearted, & seriously will do anything to make you laugh. I just want to be besties, so lets grab a drink before your session PLEASE!

Ready to book like, now


Fact #1

GIFTSSSSSS! Gifts is my #1 love language so you can probably expect 1 or 2 if you're my client, and even more if we're friends... lol I'm also a 2 on the enneagram so I just can't help but serve you in any way I can.

Fact #2

I've played softball since I was 5, and played D1 & D2 in college.

Fact #3

I have to buy a souvenir t-shirt or crew neck sweatshirt anytime I visit a place on vacation... I have so many crewnecks from different places. My husband thinks I'm insane. ;)

The heart & soul behind my photos...

I quit my 9-5 corporate marketing job to create intentional relationships with my clients & be the one who captures the most memorable moments in their lives. So basically, I quit my job to be besties with you! No really, I felt so unfulfilled in the corporate world because I wanted to do more and make an impact on the wedding industry. I saw that there were many photographers to choose from, but I kept asking myself "do they truly love their job? Are they doing this for relationship & documenting true love, or are they here for the content?" I wanted to change this narrative. So I'm here to do just that.

I want to have a relationship with my clients. I care about you two, your story, & who you are. Knowing you better will only help me to capture who you are in your truest form. If you're wanting a photographer who will just show up, pose you, deliver the photos, and that's it... Let me be clear, I'm not the photographer for you. I want to work with people who are OBSESSED with my work and want to work with me, but more importantly they want to let me into their story! After all, we're sharing special intimate memories and moments in your lives together. I am very invested in my art, my creativity, and this craft as my livelihood. You loving your photos MATTERS to me... sometimes too much ;)  I spend way too much time dreaming about the days that your children, grandkids, or family members, will be flipping through your photo albums, and a story will be told through the photos I took of the happiest memories in your life. That is the heart behind this business.

I am a sucker for photos that make you FEEL something. You can feel the passion on their faces as they step into marriage together. You can feel the joy in their hearts as they celebrate bringing a life into this world after years of infertility. You can see the moment she had dreamed about for years, as he gets down on one knee. You can empathize with a father's watery eyes as he see his little girl for the first time on her wedding day. I've captured these moments. I've witnessed them. They're raw, they're full of vulnerability, and that's why I do this. That's why I care so much that we're the perfect fit for one another.

So, if you're here and you're wondering why you should work with me? It's because I'm invested in you and I want to tell your story so you can cherish these moments forever. My goal is to ALWAYS ensure you are so preoccupied with having fun in the moment, that you don't even have a second to think "I'm awkward in front of the camera".

x Sarah

what to expect when we hang out

come on an adventure with me

Just imagine you brought your friend to third-wheel on a date with you. Thats me! I promise to make you laugh till you cry, get you outside your comfort zone, give you direction, be your hype girl, and tell you how cute you are a million times. All I ask from my couples is to lean into the process. Photos that make you feel something require you two to get vulnerable & to be willing to connect with each other. This requires your trust in me and my abilities. I promise it'll be worth it!

I'm ready to book

what do i do When I'm not taking photos? You may find me with a rod in my hand.

I live for the opportunity to capture your love, because I get to be a small part of the rest of your lives. Whenever you re-live those memories, I get to share in that joy with you. I'm a sucker for creating art around your story, who you are, and your expression of love. My goal is to capture a side of you, that only YOU know. That silly side, the belly laughs, the tears, the raw emotion, and the confidence & beauty you exude.

- Sarah

thank you,

love the kempers

we're so thankful you're here & we can't wait to get to know you.


Lauren Weller // Fort Collins, CO

Where do I even begin?! We had the privilege of working with Sarah for our wedding photography, first off, her work truly speaks for itself. Sarah is simply amazing at what she does and incredibly talented at capturing real authentic moments. Not only is she passionate about photography, but her genuine heart and ability to find beauty in the small details shines brightly. I can confidently say her photos rival veteran photographers, and her dedication and work ethic are equally unmatched. From day one after my inquiry, she showed up every single time. From emails, texts, phone calls, to coffee meet ups, she has been on top of it all, making the planning process easy and seamless. I joke that she took on the role of photographer, planner, and friend. Words cannot express how blessed and full our hearts are that Sarah was part of our wedding day and captured memories that will last a lifetime.

Brooks & Chloe // Denver, CO

My husband and I are still in awe over our engagement, wedding, and bridal photos! We first met Sarah while taking our engagement photos. She is such a kind soul, and she made our experience relaxing and fun. We LOVED our engagement photos so much we hired her to be our wedding photographer. My husband and I are very dorky in front of the camera, but Sarah guided us just enough where the photos still have its rawness and not an over-the-top staged feel. As for our wedding, my husband and I had a small, non-traditional ceremony, and she truly captured the magic of that day! Not only was she able to take great ceremony photos, but she also captured the little details and candid family photos that made the day complete. We also had a bridal shoot at the Paint Mines, and the photos seriously look like they could be published. There are so many positive and kind words I can say about Sarah and her skills. She is such an amazing photographer that truly loves her craft and wants to make any event you have special and unforgettable.

Devynn Wolf // Huntington Beach, CA

Sarah is the most wonderful photographer and person, and this is your sign to book with her NOW! My fiancé and I had never taken professional photos before and not only did she make us feel comfortable, but she made it so fun and so easy! It's really incredible how she captures all of the sweet, loving, and fun candid moments. She knows exactly how to showcase people and the relationship/love they share. It's AMAZING! Not only is she extremely talented, but she is so genuine and has the kindest heart! On top of it all, we are so in love with our photos! It is honestly a blessing to work with her! We cannot thank or recommend her enough!

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